Thursday, June 5, 2014

Report Writing the Provencher Way: Part 1 - Introduction


At Provencher & Company, we hold ourselves to a high standard for quality of work, timely services and reasonable billing expenses for our clients. We all benefit from having an excellent reputation, in part, due to the fine work produced by our adjusters.

The intent of this series is to describe a standardized content look for Provencher & Company captioned report. Within this series, you will see that we have defined the purpose/meaning of each caption and provided an example of the report writing style and expected technical writing level of the content. 

For the purposes of this series, the word "client" is meant to be the person or business that gave us the loss assignment. This could be an insurance company, reinsurance company, MGA, broker, self-insured business or similar.

In our ongoing effort to maintain and continuously improve our business, we have taken the time to document proper report writing specifics to Provencher & Company. You may identify with one or more of the observations listed below:

  • Most of us learned report writing as a young adjuster on small losses.
  • Most of us are not young adjusters anymore!
  • The loss you are reporting on represents substantial amounts of money to be paid out by our clients. Some of the money paid by them is shared between us for services rendered.
  • Large loss reports in particular, are circulated to Vice Presidents, CEOs, and sometimes to reinsurer or even a law firm.
  • These individuals are usually educated, experienced, articulate people used to reading material on the level of the Wall Street Journal. The makes you a published, well read, author! Bravo!
  • Poorly written reports will simply not be read. Or worse.... they will. 
  • Provencher & Company has received many re-assignments as a result of poorly written reports from other firms. Sometimes, we recognize the original adjuster's name. Many are good adjusters and technicians, but apparently, bad or careless report writers. 

We have heard that an ounce of image is worth a pound of performance.  If you can deliver both, your reputation, the quality and amount of claim assignments you receive will grow.  The best compliment you can receive is when one of our clients gives us a new loss and asks for you by name!

Consider the underlying purpose of the report is to establish Your Credibility!

Coming next week....

Part 2: Report Handling

Contributed by:
Julie Rock-Chatellier

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