Friday, June 27, 2014

Emerging Issues: Marijuana, Fires & Explosions

There is obviously a trend today to legalize the use of marijuana for medical treatments and to assist those undergoing chemotherapy treatments for cancer. These are positive steps for those involved. 

However, in Colorado and Washington, not only has the medical use been decriminalized by these states, but its general use has also been legalized. 

As a result of the legalization of marijuana for general use, users and purveyors are seeking stronger alternatives to smoking or ingesting the flowers, leaves and stems of the plant. One such alternative is the production of “hash oil” or “honey oil”. This alternative has raised great concern because it is produced by pouring butane through the marijuana. Yes, butane. As a result, there are new variety of coverage questions emerging that the article Marijuana, Fires & Explosions by Thomas Mallin, President & CEO of Property Loss Research Bureau, has summarized for all adjusters.

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