Tuesday, September 9, 2014

So, you think you know Fire Insurance?

So, you think you know Fire Insurance?

At the turn of the Last Century, the best minds in Fire Insurance were directed to the riveting  issue of apportionment of losses under non-concurrent policies. As the respected W. N. Bament, General Adjuster of the Home Insurance Company wrote in 1922: “ It has commanded the attention on the fire insurance business for nearly a century, and although many rules have been devised, the prospect of discovering the philosopher’s stone is a remote as ever. “ 

In the name of fame, glory and a gift card, which of the following was 
NOT an accepted method of apportionment?

The Reading Rule
The Albany Rule
Gradual  Reduction Rule
The Modified Reading Rule
The Limited Inability Rule
The Modified Finn Rule
The Kottabos Rule
The Continuity Error
The Rice Rule
The Giesse Rule
The Morristown Rule

Submit your answer via LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook comment and we will do a random drawing of the correct answers to determine the winner of a gift card courtesy of Provencher & Company. Drawing will be held September 30, 2014.

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